There’s Power in Your Decision-Making Skills

Do you get caught up in trying to make the BEST decision?

Perfectionism is a culprit that creeps into our ability to decide. I teach clients to make a decision guided by the goals they have set for their future.

A key part of the process is learning to be intentional and focused, not perfect.

The fear of failure or making the “wrong” decision can stop us in our tracks. Rather than fearing failure, consider the outcome of the decision as a source of valuable information.

Even a “bad” decision can point us in a helpful direction.

For many of my clients, the difficulty with making a decision is often rooted in self-doubt. This holds people back in their careers and in their personal life.

How do you work through this?

Develop the skill of having your own back.

This means to accept responsibility without beating yourself up as this will foster self-confidence. And as it grows, your self-confidence becomes your guide.

When we get stuck in perfectionism, fear of failure or self-doubt it is difficult to take steps to make a decision. Shift away from these by noticing that you make many decisions each day.

Begin with looking at how you start your day. We make decisions such as the time we set our alarm, or not. Making your bed or not. Choosing the clothes you’ll wear or the breakfast you eat, or not. This may seem trivial, but these decisions set the tone for the day.

Awareness of the intention behind these decisions builds your self-confidence. So, tell yourself, “I decided to do these things because…” as a practice in intentional decision making. The more you do this the stronger your decision-making muscles will grow.

As you hone awareness of your goals and why you want them, take this practice to what could be considered more significant decisions. Maybe you are trying to decide on a career change or moving to a different home.

Identify the options available to you. Consider the advantages and disadvantages given the information you have available. Look for the outcome that matches your goal. Decide based on this. Then, have your back as you see the results you have created.

Our life is a result of the decisions we have made.

Our personal power is in the skill of deciding with intention.