Frequently Asked Questions

Here are several frequently asked questions that arise when talking with prospective clients:

Causal coaching follows a process of identifying the thoughts and feelings that create our actions and results. I follow a scientific model based in neuro-psychology. This is not an action focused “to do list” process. I don’t simply give you a fish to eat; I teach you how to fish.

I utilize a private website housed with Doxy.me. This is a confidential, HIPPA compliant format that works on your PC or Mac through Chrome, Firefox or Safari. It also works through your tablet or smartphone with Android (Chrome) and IOS (Safari). There are no downloads or memberships required. I simply send you the link via your email or text at the time of your session and it automatically directs you to my waiting room. It is advised that you have a strong internet signal.

The free consultation provides an opportunity for introductions and a sample of what its like to work with me in a coaching session. During this call we will discuss what you are looking to accomplish through coaching. Give some thought to dreaming big! On this call we will make a decision whether it is a good fit for us to work together. This is a great opportunity to ask any questions you may have about coaching. Plan to allow 45-60 minutes for this conversation.

My life coaching package is a six-month commitment. The six-month time frame comes from decades of experience and thinking about what serves my clients at the highest level. I know the time it takes to rewire your brain and change a mindset. I know that life events may come up and potentially get in the way of progress. I know about the failures that my clients don’t anticipate. I know the learning curve to understand how to reach goals. I know the time it takes to integrate and practice new ways of thinking. Once my clients achieve the change they desire, I am there to support maintaining it. Many clients chose to renew and continue beyond the initial six-month period to work on new goals. You are worth the time!

While I am a licensed therapist, coaching is not therapy. Therapy is appropriate for individuals who are not functioning at some level in their life. Coaching is appropriate for individuals who are functioning and want to elevate their life to the next level. There are times when a person is participating in therapy and can also benefit from the support of a life coach. Having a life coach is like having a personal trainer for your mind. A coach is like a guide, a navigator, or an interpreter between you and your brain. A coach is like GPS for your life; we give you directions and we calmly reroute you when mistakes happen, we stick with you when you get lost, and we do what we can to help. Ultimately, you are the driver, and you pick the destination.