The Point of Setting a Goal

Why is it important to set a goal?

A goal gives the brain a focus.

The human brain is wired to watch for danger and seek safety. To counter this, it will seek out what’s familiar. In an attempt to be efficient, your brain will repeat what it already knows. After all, it takes little energy to stay the same.

A goal points our thoughts in the direction of what we want to accomplish or desire in your life and explore what’s possible. In a way, you’re giving your brain direction and supervision.

On purpose.

You learn how to live a deliberate life based on what you genuinely want. And create your future instead of repeating your past.

Ultimately, these goals will inform your plan. You align your thinking with the goal you want to create, and these thoughts will cause the feelings that drive your actions. The results you create will be deliberate outcomes of this plan.

Most people resist goal setting because:

  • It’s uncomfortable
  • Self-doubt – our brain’s job is to bring up doubt about the unknown
  • The mistaken belief that they need to know exactly how

It is common to set goals on what we know we can achieve. But this is only based on our past experience and knowledge. We often set goals that are too easy.

Since doing more of the same will get you more of the same, I encourage setting goals that cause us to evolve beyond what we already know.

After all, the point of evolving is to give your life direction and purpose.

Not just rinse and repeat.

Personal growth occurs in discovering who you will have to become that is different than who you are now.