Your Brain Needs Supervision

Your brain’s own prerogative is to avoid danger.

Left to its own devices, it will filter based upon what it already knows. Some may call this the comfort zone.

If you want to grow and make positive changes in your life, you need to direct and supervise your brain. And tell it what to do.


If you don’t give your brain something to focus on, it will go about averting risk. This default level of caution can hold you back from making progress towards your goals.

For example, an unsupervised mind:

  • recycles thoughts from the past without evaluation
  • seeks safety through what is familiar
  • frequently makes decisions out of fear or scarcity
  • likely does not seek growth


Conversely, when given direction, your brain can filter out everything else except for the task at hand. A supervised mind is one that is

  • aware of habitual thoughts
  • able to evaluate whether those thoughts serve you in a helpful or hurtful manner
  • able to decide on purpose where to direct its thinking
  • intentionally focused on moving you towards your goals


Providing supervision for your brain is a skill. A tremendous benefit of utilizing a life coach is to have the assistance of someone outside your brain listening for those habitual thoughts through the story you tell.

We think that our thoughts are the truth.

We tell our story as if it were factual. In reality, our story is basically a description of our perspective and opinions about the experiences of our life.

With practice, the supervised mind can be directed to thoughts that support self-confidence and strengthen the muscle of positive thinking.

You will be able to tell your brain to think thoughts that increase the capacity to feel all emotions. You can direct your mind to focus on goals you want to accomplish.

I teach my clients to utilize their mind in service of supporting the life they want to create in the future. I encourage them to practice over and over again as this positivity will move them forward.