Designing the Goals of Your Dreams

How much time are you giving to thinking about your dreams?

We often give a lot of thought time to our past and focus on how that’s brought us to our present. We think about what’s not working and try to solve for the results that are not what you want them to be.

Do you spend time thinking about what is possible to create in your future?

If a majority of your thoughts are coming from your past and the programing of your past, you will do a very good job of recreating more of what you already have.

You’ll be good at recreating the level of income you earn, and feeling the same feelings, and solidifying your habits of thinking. All of it will just be recycled.

When you look at many people’s lives you may notice the lack of change, the lack of growth, the lack of advancement. The reason for this is because we are not taught that we need to keep refreshing our thought patterns.

We need to keep dreaming and imagining and visualizing and focusing on our future.

When we create a future that we love and that we can align with, we generate the emotion that we need and the motivation that we need in order to take the action to create it.

The first step is to think about what you really want for yourself in the future. Put these dreams into motion by setting goals.

  • Is the goal a certain level of income?
  • Is the goal related to your relationships: be a calmer parent, a connected partner, a caring friend, a rock star employee?
  • Is your goal related to your vision of retirement?
  • Do you want to accomplish a physical feat such as a marathon or is it to develop a consistent practice of fitness?

During my studying at The Life Coach School, I was introduced to the concept of setting an impossible goal. This threw my habit of logical thinking into a tailspin.

Prior to this, I set goals for myself based upon what I already knew. I looked at my past successes and nudged myself to take it one step further. But with an impossible goal I learned how to expand my thinking beyond what I already knew and gained the valuable understanding that the growth occurs not at the destination, but in the process of getting there.