The Power of Self-Love

Self-love and self-confidence are not fluff or the cherry on top. They are the main ingredients of your life.

Building self-love is about improving your relationship with yourself—it can only come from inside you.

It is not determined by your past (something that happened to you or something you did when you were 18). It is not determined by your bank account, your position at work, or how exciting your career is. It is not how attractive you are to others.

It Is Simply Your Thoughts
And Beliefs About Yourself.

It is the things you say to yourself about yourself.

How you think about yourself determines how you feel about yourself. This influences how you show up in the world, how you act in your life. It affects how you approach your goals, your dreams, your family, and your friends.

It is the most important work that you do. The love you have for yourself will greatly impact all areas of your life.

When you no longer look to the outside world to measure your worth, magic happens. How you think about yourself, how you feel, how you show up for yourself and others begin to shift.

Learn how to talk to yourself with kindness and self-compassion.

Practice these thoughts. Nurture them.

Here are three ways to build self-love within you.

  1. Support yourself. Have your own back. Practice self-kindness when you mess up.
  2. Increase the level of trust that you have in yourself. Do what you say you’re going to do. Make and keep commitments to yourself.
  3. Be willing to feel your feelings, including negative emotions.


Self-talk is key. Practice talking to yourself like you would talk to your best friend.

Self-love breeds self-confidence. Confidence is when you have evidence in your ability to do something. Self-confidence is when you believe in yourself, your goals, and your dreams even without any evidence. It is belief to your core that you are worthy. Self-confidence allows you to reach for the life you desire most.

Begin with a basic mantra: I’ve got me; I love me; I trust me; I support me; I believe in me.

For many, these are hard to believe. We are often challenged by the lack of awareness of the negative ways that we talk to ourselves. A life coach can support you as you build this internal dialogue.

I assure you: increasing self-love is a challenge worth taking. The intention to turn love inward will help grow an amazing relationship with yourself.