Enjoy a Healthier Lifestyle and Improve Wellness Bit by Bit With These 5 Small, Everyday Changes

I am grateful to offer the writing from a guest author for today’s blog. Steve Johnson writes for the Public Health Library. They focus on researching the best head-to-toe health strategies that can be easily incorporated into everyday life. Their goal is to inspire others to take charge of their own wellness. We couldn’t agree more. Enjoy!


Are you interested in adopting a healthier lifestyle but concerned that you won’t be able to adjust to a radically different daily schedule? If so, you may be excited to learn that you can improve your health every day just by taking some small but consistent steps. Whether you want to pump up your physical activity or you just want to tweak your diet, this article shared by Lifewell has five steps to help you enjoy a healthier life. 

1. Tweak Your Home Environment To Enjoy Everyday Wellness and Better Living

When it comes to living an all-around healthy life, having a helpful home environment is critical. You can make a few tweaks to your home to promote healthier living. Adding plants to your house has been shown to support better mental health. Adjusting your lighting and cleaning up or de-cluttering on a regular basis can also provide a calm, peaceful feel.

Your home can also support other healthy habits. For instance, clear junk foods out of your pantry and stock up your fridge with filtered water and fresh, healthy foods. Create a “meditation corner” where you can enjoy some solitude. Turn your spare room into a gym or do body-weight exercises using a chair or even your kitchen counter. These activities can help boost your confidence.

2. Make Staying Hydrated and Eating More Nutritiously a Fun, Enjoyable Venture

According to the CDC, staying hydrated is crucial for good health, as is consuming a balanced diet. If eating well and drinking water sounds boring to you, though, you can change your own mind by turning healthier eating into a fun adventure. For instance, try the following tips:

3. Make Your Exercise Routine Work Even When You’re Strapped for Time

If exercising sounds time-consuming and cumbersome, rest assured that there are some clever ways to fit workouts in even when you’re feeling strapped for time. You can incorporate quick morning workouts or just boost your daily activity levels.

For instance, if you’re at work from morning to evening, you can still fit some movement in by skipping elevators and opting for the stairs instead. When you have a few minutes during the day, such as at lunchtime, go for a quick walk near your office.

4. Weave Yoga, Meditation, and Relaxation Into Your Morning or Evening Routines

Healthline points out that allowing time for solitude and serenity every day can work wonders for your mental health. You may find it useful to:

  • Attend a yoga class once a week
  • Meditate briefly each morning
  • Make time to relax prior to bedtime

5. Boost Your Physical and Mental Health

Lastly, if you’re looking for a one-two punch that can help you boost your physical and mental health at the same time, you may want to take up a new activity that involves the great outdoors. Hiking, camping, getting involved in watersports, and gardening can provide numerous benefits for your mind and body. For example, the fresh air can help you de-stress, clear your head, and equip you to deal with feelings of anxiety. Physical exercise can tone your muscles and boost your heart health.

Be sure to protect your health by regularly seeing a doctor. If you lack health insurance from your employer, shop the ACA exchange to explore your options. You can quickly compare and find the best fit for you.Adopting a healthier lifestyle doesn’t require drastic measures or sudden overhauls of your life. In fact, just making small changes to your daily life can add up! Try working these five minor changes into your existing schedule and start reaping the benefits today.

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 “Written by: Steve Johnson, Publichealthlibrary.org”.